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June 19, 2009
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Girl in My dream episode 36 by walt7 Girl in My dream episode 36 by walt7
Hey this is sizzkun

Burntwitch and I have completed 53 episodes of this story in Korean, so there's much more story to look forward to.

But Burntwitch managed to create an ending for Girl in My Dream at episode 53(which I didn't write but BW did)

so it does have an ending which is different to what I was aiming at.

Some people might find that ending appropriate..
as many of the korean fans didnt argue that much..

I've been talking to BW and he doesnt want to give up his own manhwa..and I can't be sure when he will be back to draw the actual story...

so we decided to make a poll on to show how many people are interested on BW's comeback and if there are many poeple who voted for BW's come back we might be able to convince him to draw some more..


to the poll (you need to register for free)

If any of you guys are interested in reading Korean version

Go to


for Burntwitch's blog and click on

[환상속의 그대] on the left side menu.
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AdventureMB Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
Dead meat is class Run for your life little girl

Dt512 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2011
CORN!!!!! Hahaha Sorry I have to write it XD
Rogue284 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2009
ROFLs all the way through. Loved it.
AsunaNegi Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009
600 votes for yes.
KIDFaiz Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Roflmao Okay,I guess I'm going to be the one to ask it lol. Is the the guy with the corn tee-shirt some kind of cameo appearance of a friend of yours or something? He reminds me of Johny Depp with glasses. He just stands out waaaaaaaaaay more than everyone else lol
walt7 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2009
He's the parody character of Korn's Main vocal Jonathan.

Prinicipal is supposed to be Coach Hiddink. (who was the coach for Korean soccer team few years ago, he used to be the coach for Australia, now he's a coach for Chelsea team)
KIDFaiz Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Oh crap, I can see that lol. Thanks. I thought I was tripin'.
Musicallover1234 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2009  Student Writer
I was just wondering why isn't the school asking what happened to Ji-hoon. Suddenly this new girl. What happened to your son? That's what i would ask.
MarkDoob Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've got the .cbz file posted for anyone who wants to red GIMD in a comic book reader. All Episodes can be found in this shared folder:


Let me know if that doesn't work and I'll post alternate links.

Thanks Sizzkun.
CuteSasha Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2009
Well. These guys are pritty loud. I guess they are werry mutch in to here. May be to mutch...
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